My name is Patrick Huynh, I am a

I like technology, going outside to play, and I like to help people with their tech-related issues.

About Me

I am a school tech person that helps teachers and classmates out with their electronics. I give out advice to teachers and I'm into the networking and software side to IT.

I am aiming for lots of good grades so I could get a scholarship and then get a good job. I want to work at Microsoft or IBM and I am also thinking of getting teachers to pay me for my advice and for my troubleshooting. Being a tech person isn't easy though because sometimes you have to get pulled out of class for assistance and you have to make appointments with teachers for help. That means that I get to miss my recess and/or lunch but I don't really mind when it's pouring rain. It also means that if you get pulled out in the middle of class, you will have to miss a part of your work time.

I like to experience nature and go to the mountains to see landscapes and I also like to collect stamps. I have other hobbies like gardening, helping others, and tinkering with electronics. I have been tinkering with electronics since two and I’ve also been helping my school since grade three. If you are in my school, you will probably not remember me helping in grade three, four, five because I just helped my class. I do assemblies for the school and I’m training 4 people with my best friend Tyler.



I help many people with their needs like filing their online claims for reimbursement.



I'm very honest and I've helped many fixed many pharmacy computers that contain sensitive patient data.



All the work and assignments I do are done with effort. I am very hardworking.



I ask insightful questions that are on-topic, and I am a very advanced thinker.

Tech Committee