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If you haven't already figured out, my name is Patrick and I have no idea why I created this website.

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Updated: June 25, 2019

Hi! You may be viewing this because you are in the tech committee, you’re in my school, or you’ve just randomly stumbled on this website on Google. Well, my name is Patrick. I’m a student that is currently in grade seven. I was so bored that I created this website.

This website has 2 parts to it: The tech committee info page, and random stuff about me. The tech committee page is restricted and can only be accessed by members of it due to privacy reasons. You wouldn’t want your photo posted out there in the public, right? Well, that’s why it’s restricted.

Here are some facts about me! I love to eat rice. I eat it for lunch and dinner. Not breakfast though, normally I just have a cup of milk with a peanut butter sandwich. I basically work for the school (even though I’m a student) and I help lots and looooots of teachers. Why would I do that though? I’m just a student! The reason why I do that is 1. I like to help people, and 2. The majority of them are probably sleep deprived or have no clue how to troubleshoot with computers. The problems range from the blue/black screen of death, all the way to “Oh no! I forgot my password.” Normally, they’re supposed to contact the IT helpdesk, but I’m there so might as well not waste time waiting!

Unfortunately, the school board signed a contract with a union. The union don’t allow students to “Perform work for another union member.” That is the lamest excuse for “We don’t want people intended for their jobs to be unused.” ever. Anyways, I wish I got paid for working for my school but what matters is what I learn from what I just fixed and if the teacher’s satisfied with my job. I’m thinking of charging teachers $5.00 as a consultation fee.

I like mountains because they are chilly and there’s beautiful scenery. I also like to play games with my friends like Minecraft, Roblox, PUBG, Fortnite, etc.. I am social too you know. I’ve been helping teachers since grade three, four, five, and six but nobody probably remembered since I only helped my class. I didn’t just want to help my class though, I wanted to help some of the school too but there was that stereotype where kids would break everything they touch since they’re so little.

I founded the tech committee. A small group where I’m training three people as of May 31, 2019. I always wondered if they would actually pass on their knowledge to the future members of the tech group. I normally coordinate the technology sector of assemblies and when I evaluate my students, I make them do the assemblies.

Did you know, I know how to replace Apple iPhone/iPad screens and batteries? Drop by my class if you ever need something replaced. I also know how to do a lot of accounting stuff like printing T4 slips and pay statements for ADP, UltiPro, and PeopleSoft Enterprise. I can also help people fill out their passport application or just any form. I can also file WorkSafeBC claims, insurance reimbursement forms, and more.

Oh and, I love to try finding security holes and vulnerabilities on websites or servers. An instance of that is when I remotely connected to the school board’s server, logged in with my student credentials, and got to list out names and classes in cmd (Command Prompt). I may or may not have found my class and who’s in my class for grade seven during grade six because of that.

Lastly, I go to Chinese school. It’s so difficult to manage time because I have normal school, Chinese school, and some extracurricular activities. I get to socialize with my friends there and it makes me less lonely. It’s so boring at home and I don’t have any siblings. Chinese is my first language; I know how to speak Cantonese but not write Chinese. That’s why I’m taking lessons there, to learn how to write Chinese.

Alright, now that you’ve gotten to know me, I have nothing more to say but have a good day and tech committee members or students from my school, you should stop reading now.



I help many people with their needs like filing their online claims for reimbursement.



I'm very honest and I've helped many fixed many pharmacy computers that contain sensitive patient data.



All the work and assignments I do are done with effort. I am very hardworking.



I ask insightful questions that are on-topic, and I am a very advanced thinker.

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